PMS Vendors

First thing’s first…


We’d love to have you on board. In order to consider you for any upcoming PMS, you will need to fill out the PMS Vendor Application Form* linked to this page. Once you’ve done this you will receive an email confirming your participation.

*Even if you’ve communicated your interest in participating, or we’ve talked about it at the bar and we’ve said yes, you will need to apply using the form above every time we host a new art market. The reason for this is so we can keep track of our vendors and not get people mixed up from event to event.

Second thing…

Booth Fees

Once you’ve received confirmation that you will be participating at the upcoming PMS, then you’re ready to pay the PMS Vendor Booth Fee.

You can pay your vendor booth fee by clicking the link above or adding the item below to your cart. Once you check out you will be officially part of our next PMS Art Market!

Alternatively, you can use our Paypal.Me account to pay us directly. If you do, please notify us by emailing

PMS (4): FAQs

This outlines all pertinent information that someone might need to get prepared for PMS. We wanted to create a document that can be available for reference so that honestly, we wouldn’t have to have the same conversation 14 times.

Where it is

Downtown Cultural Arts Center:
401 N Howard St, Baltimore, MD. 21201

We will include information about the space here.

We will include information about parking, promotion, and Charm City Fringe Related things here.

What the day looks like

Set-up: Load-in for vendors starts at 10:00 am, and we would urge everyone to get there as early as possible to ensure you have enough time to set up. Problems no one expects are always excellent at happening, especially when you’re doing something. Be prepared, or at the very least be nice to others so you may ask them for help.

Event: PMS is going to be open to the public 12-4 pm. You are required to stay for the duration unless you’ve spoken to one of us about it. Plus, it’s just rude to be packing up when your neighbor is trying to sell their stuff.

Breakdown: We must be packed up by 5 pm. Charm City Fringe is very strict about this. There’s a show that evening and we all have to be out by that time.

What you need to have

Tables: Metro has about a dozen 4 ft tables that are up for grabs. If you need a larger table (we are allotting about 6 sq. ft. for each vendor) then you will need to bring that along with you.

Money: Remember that PMS is all about the monetary compensation of creative labor. We encourage you to take any form of payment with which you feel comfortable but remember that most people don’t bring cash out anymore, and having alternate options for payment is smart. Some great options for people that don’t have card readers are Venmo and Paypal.Me

Snacks / Food / Drinks: We will be providing coffee and some treats in the morning during load-in for everyone to have. But if you’re anything like us, you’ll want to have snacks throughout the day. This is encouraged and it’ll make your experience at the market so much more enjoyable. Also, Fringe will be providing a bar in the lobby. More information to come. Be kind to your bartender and tip well!

Merch: Too obvious? We don’t think so, make sure you organize all your merchandise ahead of time (we always have everything ready the night before). It also helps to mockup your station, table, etc ahead of time. This will make set-up easier.

Tampons, etc: You’ll be at the venue for up to 7 hours. Make sure you have what you need.