Our Origin Story

Or, how it all began.

One crisp autumn night, outside their dear friend’s cabin in West Virginia, Carrie Rennolds and Joseph Faura made a joke that would one day become the basis for their fledging brand. Joseph kept mispronouncing owl chicks as “owl cheeks” after hearing them calling from the trees. That led them to imagine a rare delicacy: owl cheeks on a platter, perfectly roasted, how awful! Those poor owls, they gave their lives so we can feast on their cheeks!

But honestly — owl cheeks … delicious!

The joke that started it all.

Up to this point, the two had been collaborating on small projects for years—from animations screened at big outdoor festivals to art installations. It just seemed like the natural next step when they decided to start a business and make it official.

Founded in March 2017, Owlcheek Studios began making greeting cards, stationery, and other paper goods, to sell at pop-up art markets. They have since expanded their brand to include pins, bags, accessories, and small batch publications. Carrie and Joseph also started their own pop-up art market, and called it Products and More Stuff, or PMS. 

They obviously don’t take themselves too seriously, and well, neither should you. Nevertheless, they love creating thought-provoking illustrations and coming up with new and exciting products and projects for you to enjoy.

Ready to meet the dream team?

You’re in luck! Let us tell you a little bit more about each of us. What makes us tick, where our humour comes from, why do we like memes so much? Why don’t YOU like memes so much?

Carrie Rennolds
Creative Art Director

Carrie is an illustrator, professor, daydreamer, and business lady. She’s worked as an art educator for all-ages.

She is the creator, writer, and cartoonist of Fake New Yorker, which comically illustrates  problems and failures in modern society. She lives and works in Baltimore, and she likes cats.

Joseph Faura
Co-Founder, Creative Marketing Director

Joseph is a multidisciplinary artist, educator, and entrepreneur. He’s worked in graphic design and academia.

His passions include astronomy, plants, hosting events, and a good Manhattan. He is also passionate about finding creative solutions to design problems, and enjoys collaborating with others on exciting creative and professional projects.